Phare Saint-Mathieu

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Phare Saint-Mathieu - France
Phare Saint-Mathieu - France
@natyvikla - Unsplash
Phare Saint-Mathieu
📍 France
Phare Saint-Mathieu, a 59-foot tall lighthouse in Plougonvelin, Brittany, France, is a mesmerizing sight that's been guiding boats since 1835. Constructed at the mouth of a tiny harbor, the lighthouse is constructed of pink granite blocks, is situated on the maritime cliffs and overlooks the ocean. By day its red and white stripes can be seen for miles, forming a stunning backdrop for photos. At night, its light shines for 10 nm and marks the entrance of the port of Brest. Visitors may climb the 105 steps within to reach the observation deck at the summit and experience panoramic views of the sea and nearby towns. With its rich history, this is an amazing destination for a sight-seeing trip and an unforgettable experience.

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