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Parliament - Dari South Courtyard, Hungary
Parliament - Dari South Courtyard, Hungary
@this_amazing_world - Unsplash
đź“Ť Dari South Courtyard, Hungary
The Cayman Islands are an archipelago of three Caribbean islands. Grand Cayman is the largest and most populated. Popular activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, and hiking. Boats and catamarans can be rented for water sports such as fishing and sailing. Shopping, dining, and other entertainment options can be found in the capital city of George Town. A well-developed infrastructure makes driving comfortable, with taxis and car rentals easily available. Scuba diving can be particularly rewarding with excellent visibility and a variety of sea life. Little Cayman is a quieter experienced point with dramatic cliffs, coral outcrops, and secluded beaches. Cayman Brac is notable for its ancient caves, lush vegetation, and migratory birds. Its highest point, the Bluff, offers breathtaking views for those brave enough to make the treacherous climb.

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