Monte lussari

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Monte lussari - Italy
Monte lussari - Italy
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Monte lussari
馃搷 Italy
Monte Lussari is a beautiful mountain peak located in Tarvisio, Italy. The peak is situated on the border of Italy and Slovenia, providing visitors with a stunning view of the Alpine landscape. The mountain is known for the 16th century pilgrimage church of the same name, located at the peak, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the historic church and take in the breathtaking views. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the mountain so they can ski in the winter and take part in various outdoor activities such as hiking in the summer. Furthermore, Monte Lussari is also home to one of the oldest ski lifts in the Alps! With its stunning natural beauty, Monte Lussari makes for a perfect spot for travelers and photographers looking for an unforgettable adventure.

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