La Pedrera

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La Pedrera - Dari Below, Spain
La Pedrera - Dari Below, Spain
@florenciapotter - Unsplash
La Pedrera
📍 Dari Below, Spain
La Pedrera is one of Barcelona's most iconic attractions, designed by the legendary architect Antoni Gaudi. Located in the city's Eixample district, the building is considered to be among Gaudi's most groundbreaking works, characterized by its undulating facade, completed in 1912. It is composed of a series of large stone slabs that form a wave-like shape. Inside, visitors can explore La Pedrera's interior spaces, including its large entrance hall, its attic, which is marked by its iconic ribbed vault ceilings, as well as the visitors center and its interactive exhibits. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll up the narrow side street to the top of the building, for jaw-dropping views of the city below. The best way to experience the building is through one of the guided tours offered year-round, where visitors can explore the building and hear more about its history and design. La Pedrera is an absolute must-see in Barcelona.

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