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L'Hemisferic - Dari North Side, Spain
L'Hemisferic - Dari North Side, Spain
@timdegroot - Unsplash
📍 Dari North Side, Spain
L'Hemisfèric, a striking feature of Valencia's futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, is an architectural marvel designed by Santiago Calatrava. Shaped like a giant eye, it's a planetarium, laserium, and IMAX cinema rolled into one. Constructed to mimic the human eye, it opens and closes, mimicking an eyelid—a fascinating spectacle in itself. Ideal for photo-travelers, the surrounding water pool reflects the structure, offering stunning symmetrical shots, especially at dusk or dawn when the lighting adds a dramatic touch. Inside, the vast, echoing space allows for arresting, abstract photography. Be prepared for its sheer scale; capturing its entirety can be challenging but rewarding. For the best external shots, explore different angles around the lake. Early morning or late afternoon visits result in softer light and more dramatic skies, enhancing the futuristic effect of the architecture. Also, consider experimenting with long exposures at night when L'Hemisfèric is beautifully illuminated.

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