Koosah Falls

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Koosah Falls - United States
Koosah Falls - United States
@ericmuhr - Unsplash
Koosah Falls
ūüďć United States
Koosah Falls, located in the Sisters area of Oregon, United States, is a beautiful and tranquil spot that offers incredible views of the central Oregon Cascades Mountains. The waterfall is 60 ft high and can be accessed through a short, easy hike along a trail that provides various viewpoints of the waterfall from below and from above.

The Koosah Falls trail can be found in the McKenzie River Scenic Byway and it takes an hour to reach the falls, with many interesting sites and landscapes along the route. It is especially picturesque in October and April, when the American season of fall colors is in full swing. Wildlife and birdwatching are plentiful in this area of Oregon, and chances are great of seeing some eagles making their nests in the area. The waterfall can be reached by car, and there is a small parking lot at the trailhead where visitors can leave their vehicles while they go explore the area. Visitors can please their eyes with some outstanding views of the waterfalls, while also enjoying a picnic or a nice BBQ in the summer months.

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