French Canyon

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French Canyon - United States
French Canyon - United States
@rheuer22 - Unsplash
French Canyon
­čôŹ United States
French Canyon, located in North Utica, United States is a great spot for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. It features over 10 miles of hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate level of difficulty, offering a scenic view of the surrounding mountain ranges, limestone cliffs, and the deep canyon. There are also many opportunities for bird spotting, and the area is teeming with wildlife. The canyon has several great camping and picnic spots, and the rivers, streams and natural pools make it a great spot for swimming, fishing and tubing. Rock climbers, canyoneers and backpackers will enjoy exploring the surrounding mesas and canyons. For those who just want to take in the view, French Canyon's extensive and beautiful wildflower-blanketed meadows are not to be missed.

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