European Parliament

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European Parliament - Dari Inside, France
European Parliament - Dari Inside, France
European Parliament
ūüďć Dari Inside, France
The European Parliament is the legislative body of the European Union. It is the only directly-elected EU institution and is composed of 705 Members (MEPs) representing the people of the 28 EU countries. The Parliament meets in two locations throughout the year: the predominant place of work is in Brussels, while the secondary plenary session takes place in Strasbourg on twelve Fridays each year. Visitors to Strasbourg can learn more about EU politics and the work of the Parliament by taking an interactive tour of the building and seeing the plenary chamber in action. You can also explore the nearby European Parliament Exhibition Centre which contains information, facts and engaging exhibits about the European Union's past and present. Strasbourg has much more to offer besides the European Parliament, such as the beautiful Rhine River and the historical Petite France area. It is also well known for its impressive Gothic Cathedral and the fascinating Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Photographers can capture amazing views from the city's rooftops and bridges, and stunning sunsets from the cobblestone banks of the river.

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