Depoe Bay Beach

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Depoe Bay Beach - United States
Depoe Bay Beach - United States
@dmey503 - Unsplash
Depoe Bay Beach
ūüďć United States
Depoe Bay Beach is an unassuming piece of shoreline in Depoe Bay in the US state of Oregon. Located on the state's rugged Pacific coast, the beach offers walks and views of the ocean like no other. The steeply sloping beach makes for interesting discoveries along the shoreline and it offers excellent views of the sea and rocky headlands. Avid surfers flock to the beach in search of the perfect wave. Sea lions can often be heard barking in the distance and whales can sometimes be spotted breaching the sea's surface. The beach is also a great spot for fishing, with its plentiful supply of crabs, salmon, and other species. The boardwalk that runs along the length of the beach makes for a pleasant stroll. Other attractions in the area include whale watching cruises, boat tours, and shopping. Come to Depoe Bay Beach for a true taste of the Pacific Northwest!

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