Crab Rock

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Crab Rock - United States
Crab Rock - United States
@ericmuhr - Unsplash
Crab Rock
­čôŹ United States
Crab Rock is an impressive rock in Cape Meares, United States. Located on the northern side of the cape, the rock stacks consists of an essential mix of sea life and sea caves. This area of the coast provides access to stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the majestic headlands, and the forests of the area. The stunning rock formations give the landscape a unique sight while providing the perfect opportunity to watch passing migrating whales and diving sea birds. Kayaking around the rock stacks is also a great way to take in the wonderful sights without getting too close to the wild life. The rock stacks also provide a habitat of sorts for seabirds, sea lions, seals, and sea otters. Stop off in Crab Rock and admire this beautiful part of the US Pacific Coast.

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