City of San Leo

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City of San Leo - Dari Castle of San Leo, Italy
City of San Leo - Dari Castle of San Leo, Italy
City of San Leo
­čôŹ Dari Castle of San Leo, Italy
San Leo is a small, beautiful hilltop town located in Emilia-Romagna, in the province of Rimini. It is perched on a rocky hill along the River Marecchia and is rarely visited by tourists, offering an authentic and simple Italian experience. First settled during the Roman era, San Leo's fortress was built sometime between the end of the 10th century and the mid-12th century. The Fortress of San Leo houses the Museum of San Leo, which is an archaeological and art museum with items dating back to the Iron Age. The Romanesque church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, located on the rock just below the Fortress, is a spectacular sight and one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture.

San Leo is a photographer's dream with its maze-like narrow cobbled streets, charming city walls, and spectacular vistas. Its narrow alleyways provide an insight into daily life in a traditional Italian mountain town and its many churches, squares and small chapels offer unique photographic opportunities. The San Leo Valley below provides breathtaking views and options for further exploration. San Leo is also home to the Calvario Oratory, a small church built in 16th century to commemorate Christ's passion and death. The crypt beneath the church is believed to have been carved out of the rock by Saint Leo himself. Here lies the Saint's remains, and many come here for a special blessing. Other landmarks include the 18th century Palazzo della Rovere, which was previously owned by the influential Rovere family, and the San Francesco Church, located at the top of the hill just outside the historic centre.

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