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Camposanto - Italy
Camposanto - Italy
📍 Italy
Camposanto, located in Pisa, Italy, is an impressive early Gothic complex containing a cemetery, mausoleum and cloister. Built in 1278, it is a testament to the city’s growing wealth during the age of the powerful maritime republics. The campo santo, or holy field, is home to a number of monuments, many of which were built by prominent Pisans in the 14th century. Inside the cemetery, visitors can admire the ornate marble tombs, and the pillars, which were once decorated with frescoes and bas-reliefs. The cemetery also features a mock-up of a Tuscan church altar and a Roman sarcophagus. The cloister, inspired by French Gothic architecture, is enclosed and characterized by a typical system of pointed arches. It is bordered by an elegant three-light window and a great rose window, serving as the entrance to the funeral chapel. A visit to Camposanto is a memorable experience that offers insight into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

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