Bláhylur lake

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Bláhylur lake - Iceland
Bláhylur lake - Iceland
@ferj - Unsplash
Bláhylur lake
📍 Iceland
Bláhylur lake is the fifth largest lake in Iceland, located in the highlands of the country. The lake is surrounded by a dramatic volcanic landscape, featuring snow-covered mountains and lava fields. This remarkable lake was formed from a large crack in the Earth’s crust, as a result of seismic activity and the movement of underground rivers. Due to its remote location and crystal clear waters, Bláhylur lake has become a popular spot for adventure and leisure activities such as kayaking, fishing, scuba diving and camping. The lake is also an ideal spot for wildlife observing, with many species of birds and fish living in or visiting its waters. From around the lake, visitors can take scenic hikes and find mesmerizing views of its vast waters.

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