Zumaya cliffs

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Zumaya cliffs - Desde Top of the cliff, Spain
Zumaya cliffs - Desde Top of the cliff, Spain
Zumaya cliffs
📍 Desde Top of the cliff, Spain
The Zumaya Cliffs in Zumaia, Spain sit along the Basque coast of the Bay of Biscay. The rugged landscape of the cliffs has been shaped by centuries of wave erosion. The cliffs provide breathtaking ocean vistas and are popular with outdoor enthusiasts. You can take stunning pictures of the cliffs, nearby beaches, and the crystal-blue waters of the Atlantic, which makes them perfect for photographers. There are also plenty of options for hiking and exploring here, ranging from easy sandy paths to more difficult to access areas, including a climb over the cliffs from Zumaia's coastal town. These cliffs are also home to one of the oldest geological sites in the world, with some rocks as old as 108 million years! You can find fascinating fossils and other interesting features in the rocks if you take the time to explore them.

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