Wufengqi Waterfall

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Wufengqi Waterfall - Desde Path, Taiwan
Wufengqi Waterfall - Desde Path, Taiwan
@jesusintaiwan - Unsplash
Wufengqi Waterfall
📍 Desde Path, Taiwan
Wufengqi Waterfall is a stunning location located in Wufengqi, Taiwan. With a rushing flow of crystal clear water, this water fall is known for its relaxing ambiance, beautiful views, and amazing opportunities for adventure. You can swim, hike, and even fly down the fast flowing cascades! Additionally, you can find plenty of lovely places to explore and appreciate nature. Wildlife lovers will enjoy observing the diverse bird and animal life that inhabit the area. With plenty of trails and walkways to traverse, you will never be at a loss of things to do at this awe-inspiring location. Don’t forget to take a few pictures, this is a must-visit spot!

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