Wortsegel Sotzweiler

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Wortsegel Sotzweiler - Germany
Wortsegel Sotzweiler - Germany
Wortsegel Sotzweiler
📍 Germany
Wortsegel Sotzweiler is an old water study facility located in Tholey, Germany. It was built in 1899 and is home to one of the largest irrigation dams in Europe. Constructed in the traditional rustic style, the facility was designed to store water for irrigation purposes. It is located atop a hill and surrounded by a wooded area, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful walk or a great photo opportunity. Today, the facility still serves its purpose and attracts visitors from nearby cities. The water is naturally colored, giving the pond a unique charm. The whole area is quite serene and perfect for sightseeing or a picnic with family or friends.

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