Windmi Farm

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Windmi Farm - Desde Route 87, United States
Windmi Farm - Desde Route 87, United States
Windmi Farm
📍 Desde Route 87, United States
Tiger's Nest, or Taktsang Monastery, is nestled in the Himalayan mountains of Paro Valley in Bhutan. It is one of the most sacred sites in the Buddhist kingdom and is famous for its precarious location perched on the side of the cliff. Situated 3000 metres (9842 feet) above sea level, it is believed to house the meditation cave of great Yogi Guru Padmasambhava who, according to legend, is said to have flown to the site riding a tigress upon his arrival from Tibet. The complex of temples, caves and monasteries is a spectacular sight and draws tourists from around the world interested in admiring its beauty and spirituality. Despite its remote and mountainous location, the site is easily accessible by car, though a two-hour walk uphill to the monastery is also possible.

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