Whangarei Falls

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Whangarei Falls - Desde Hatea River, New Zealand
Whangarei Falls - Desde Hatea River, New Zealand
@dalfi85 - Unsplash
Whangarei Falls
📍 Desde Hatea River, New Zealand
Whangarei Falls, located in the city of Whangārei in New Zealand, is one of the most beautiful natural sights in the region. Surrounded by native bush, it is known for its rich aqua-blue and crystal-clear water cascading around a series of rock formations. It is easily accessible from the Whangārei Town Basin, with a picturesque walk along a meandering bush trail. Visitors can explore the many pools and even swim a few meters in the deep sections. A great spot to picnic and enjoy the tranquility of cascading water near the city. The waterfall is an ideal location for nature lovers and photographers alike.

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