Watertower Lauwerhof

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Watertower Lauwerhof - Netherlands
Watertower Lauwerhof - Netherlands
Watertower Lauwerhof
📍 Netherlands
The Watertower Lauwerhof, located in Utrecht, Netherlands, is an eye-catching historical building. Built-in 1875, this tower was built to pump water from the nearby river Kromme Rijn and supply water to the city. It stands 25 meters tall and still functions as a water tower today. The stark white tower contrasts the green grassy field of the park around it, making for a tranquil space to take a stroll. Inside the tower, there is a room filled with gears and iron bars, making for an interesting space for exploration. It also serves as a popular spot for photography. Enjoy the view from the top of the tower and spot the unique Utrecht skyline from up there.

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