Wasserfallweg Nesselwang

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Wasserfallweg Nesselwang - Germany
Wasserfallweg Nesselwang - Germany
Wasserfallweg Nesselwang
📍 Germany
Wasserfallweg Nesselwang is an easy-to-moderate level hiking route in beautiful Nesselwang, Germany. It is a 4-mile loop trail along the River Lech and its numerous tributaries, connecting some of the area's most breathtaking waterfalls. Along the way, hikers will have the opportunity to spot plenty of wildlife including eagles, foxes, otters, and salamanders. The breathtaking scenery will make for a great day out, with plenty of rewarding views to enjoy. The trail ascends to the Romantische Straße, a scenic road that links Munich to Füssen, and it offers some wonderful views of the Bavarian Alps. So, if you're in the area make sure you visit Wasserfallweg Nesselwang for some lovely photography opportunities!

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