Warnemünde Strand

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Warnemünde Strand - Desde Warnemünde lighthouse, Germany
Warnemünde Strand - Desde Warnemünde lighthouse, Germany
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Warnemünde Strand
📍 Desde Warnemünde lighthouse, Germany
Warnemünde Strand in Rostock, Germany is a stunning 4-kilometre-long beach situated along the Baltic Sea. With its white sandy coasts, pristine water and stunning sunsets, it's popular among tourists, holiday-goers and photographers. The waters of Warnemünde Strand are relatively shallow, unlike other beaches in the German Bight, reaching a maximum depth of two meters. It's a great spot for swimming and sunbathing, as well as windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing. The waters, as well as the adjacent Warnemünde port, are filled with numerous boats and ships, giving the beach a lively and unique atmosphere. The strand also features a vast boardwalk, which is great for long strolls and bike rides. On the eastern side of the beach, you will find a magnificent sand-dune area, filled with sea buckthorn plants and blooming sea lavender during summer. A perfect place to find some peace and quiet away from the crowds often found on the strand.

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