Walton Lighthouse

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Walton Lighthouse - Desde Beach, United States
Walton Lighthouse - Desde Beach, United States
@rodi01 - Unsplash
Walton Lighthouse
📍 Desde Beach, United States
The Walton Lighthouse, in Santa Cruz, United States, is a picturesque Victorian landmark situated on the wharf of the bustling harbor. The lighthouse stands 28 feet tall and was built in 1915. The red-topped tower with its black-striped, cone-shaped dome is a defining feature of the harbor. The top of the tower contains a white revolving light to help ships and boats avoid the shoreline at night. The area around the lighthouse is quite popular with visitors and photographers alike and offers stunning views of the ocean. Visitors can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere around the lighthouse and the nearby Santa Cruz beaches. Enjoy watching the surfers, fishing boats, and research vessels passing by, while the cries of sea lions, migrating whales, and seagulls will evoke the magical energy of being at sea.

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