Vogel Uitkijkpost

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Vogel Uitkijkpost - Netherlands
Vogel Uitkijkpost - Netherlands
@wwwynand - Unsplash
Vogel Uitkijkpost
📍 Netherlands
Vogel Uitkijkpost is a hidden gem of the Dutch island of Ameland. Located on the top of a sand dune, the look out offers stunning views of the North Sea, the island’s coastal landscape, and the lighthouse of Hollum. It's a great spot for bird watching, with many species of migratory birds like the common eider, Eurasian oystercatchers, and Eurasian tezals visiting the area. No matter the weather, you are guaranteed to be enthralled by the unique beauty of the surroundings, so do not miss out on the chance to take in some of nature’s best!

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