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Vinland - Desde North Side, Vietnam
Vinland - Desde North Side, Vietnam
📍 Desde North Side, Vietnam
Vinland, in Nha Trang, Vietnam, is a large coastal complex located on the stunning shores of the South China Sea. It offers an array of luxury villas, apartments, and amenities such as a fitness center, infinity pool, and private beach access. It is just minutes away from the picturesque Cao Dai Temple and Long Son Pagoda.

The complex is an excellent spot to swim, lounge, yoga or kayak with stunning views of the bay and its islands. There are several restaurants serve tasty and authentic Vietnamese cuisine as well as each villa and apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen for those wanting to self-cater. Vinland is well placed for discovering Nha Trang itself. The town has a growing reputation for its beaches and waterfront restaurants and bars that line the long outstretched bay. It also serves up a number of attractions and cultural sites such as; the National Oceanographic Museum, which offers colorful insights into the area’s marine life and has a good aquarium, the Tram Huong Tower, Po Nagar Temple and beautiful Golden Bridge on the mountain path with scenic views of the town. In addition, Vinland is also a great base for day trips and excursions to nearby islands, national parks and remote fishing villages such as Doc Let, Bai Tuc and Mui Ne. Whether you’re looking to explore the local surroundings or just looking to relax and take advantage of the complexes modern comforts, Vinland is the perfect destination.

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