Village nubien

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Village nubien - Egypt
Village nubien - Egypt
Village nubien
📍 Egypt
The Village Nubien in Aswan 1, Egypt is a charming village located along a wide expanse of the Nile River. The village consists of a number of traditional mud brick buildings and date palm groves, giving it a remarkably natural feel. With its traditional Islamic center and labyrinthine backstreets, the village compels visitors to take a deep dive into its fascinating history and culture. The sight of local Bedouins riding on camels along the river or up the sand dunes will definitely catch your eye and make you feel like you've gone back in time. Spend the day visiting Aswan’s nearby historical sites or the impressive Viceroy’s and Pharaoh’s Palaces, or join a boat trip along the Nile to experience first-hand the colorful life of the local Nubians. Visitors will not be disappointed as the village provides plenty of interesting things to see and do.

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