Villa dei Quintili

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Villa dei Quintili - Desde Entrance, Italy
Villa dei Quintili - Desde Entrance, Italy
Villa dei Quintili
📍 Desde Entrance, Italy
Villa dei Quintili is a beautiful archaeological site located in the Appio-Latino area of Rome, Italy. Its original structure dates back to the 2nd century AD and was part of a luxurious suburb villa owned by the ancient Roman Quintili family. After its abandonment in the 5th century, much of the villa was destroyed. Today, what remains of the estate is the foundations, its walls, a small gate, and a fresco in its peristyle. The area is generally peaceful and perfect for exploring its marble column decoration, wall murals, and intricate flooring patterns. Outdoor events often take place here and it is a favoured spot for those interested in Ancient Roman history and architecture. Despite its history, its ruins are far from desolate and are the focus of local artistic and architectural projects. And with its location next to the famous Appian Way, Villa dei Quintili is a must-see for visitors to Rome.

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