Villa Comunale

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Villa Comunale - Desde Laghetto, Italy
Villa Comunale - Desde Laghetto, Italy
Villa Comunale
📍 Desde Laghetto, Italy
Villa Comunale is one of the most beautiful gems of the Mediterranean. Located in the small Mediterranean village of Ponte Tavole, it is a historic park with lush greenery, statues, and plenty of artistic inspiration. The park is popular with visitors for its unique mix of nature, culture and art. There are many interesting features, such as a huge bronze fountain and a zigzag path which meanders through the grounds. The park is an ideal spot to relax and reflect and also have some quiet time with nature. There are plenty of benches and sometimes you can even find someone playing music or singing. It is a great source of inspiration and exercise, as there are numerous walks and trails available. The park is open from early morning to late evening and admission is free.

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