Victoria St W

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Victoria St W - Desde Sky Tower, New Zealand
Victoria St W - Desde Sky Tower, New Zealand
@marcelavgl - Unsplash
Victoria St W
📍 Desde Sky Tower, New Zealand
The Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand is an iconic landmark and is considered the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. It stands 328 metres tall and offers spectacular views of the city of Auckland. Visitors can experience thrill rides and observe the beauty of Auckland’s harbour, volcanic cones, islands and beaches from a height of 220 metres. The observation deck on the tower is the perfect place for visitors to admire the beauty of this coastal city. A restaurant and ‘Skyjump’ with a base jump from the tower are just some of the activities visitors can enjoy.The Sky Tower is a popular entertainment and leisure spot for tourists and is a must visit for anyone who comes to Auckland.

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