Viaduc de la Mayenne

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Viaduc de la Mayenne - France
Viaduc de la Mayenne - France
Viaduc de la Mayenne
📍 France
The Viaduc de la Mayenne is an iconic bridge in the small town of La Roche-Neuville, France. Built in 1861, the oldest sections of the bridge have since been made up of four arches that span the Mayenne River, which gives the bridge its name. The bridge is 176 meters long and 11 meters wide, with the highest point of the bridge being an impressive 30 meters above the water level. Despite its location in a rural area, the Viaduc de la Mayenne has received many visitors over the years due to its enduring historical significance and its position as an important thoroughfare for the surrounding towns. It is an impressive sight to see, and a great opportunity to experience the French countryside and its rural architecture. This bridge is also great for photography, offering stunning views of the surrounding area and a chance to capture the ancient structure in its natural environment.

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