Via Roma

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Via Roma - Desde Piazza CLN, Italy
Via Roma - Desde Piazza CLN, Italy
Via Roma
📍 Desde Piazza CLN, Italy
Via Roma and Piazza CLN, in Torino, Italy, are two of the city's most evocative spaces. Via Roma is a shopping street lined with grand Renaissance-style buildings, while Piazza CLN is an expansive square surrounded by historic cafes and elegant 19th-century architecture. In the center of the square stands an imposing monument to Cavour, the 19th-century politician responsible for Italy's unification. The surrounding streets, each with its own atmosphere, showcase wonderful architecture, ranging from the late Renaissance to the Baroque to Art Nouveau. Together, Via Roma and Piazza CLN comprise one of Torino's most popular destinations, offering visitors a glimpse of the city's storied past.

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