Via Mirolte

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Via Mirolte - Desde Vicolo del Volto, Italy
Via Mirolte - Desde Vicolo del Volto, Italy
Via Mirolte
📍 Desde Vicolo del Volto, Italy
Via Mirolte and Vicolo del Volto are two charming alleyways located in the small town of Iseo, Italy. Spanning from the main town centre to the lake side, these cobblestone pathways are home to vibrant yellow buildings and tucked away shops, giving off a nice atmosphere. For travelers and photographers, Via Mirolte and Vicolo del Volto offer lots of opportunities to snap away and observe the day-to-day activities of the locals. Along the way, you will see a few local eateries, cozy pubs and unique stores that are sure to keep you engaged. Be sure to look up to admire the beautiful traditional balcony facades that the buildings have to offer. Don’t forget to admire the stunning views of Lake Iseo, too. All in all, these alleyways are great to explore and offer a unique atmosphere that is unique to Iseo.

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