Via della Conciliazione

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Via della Conciliazione - Italy
Via della Conciliazione - Italy
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Via della Conciliazione
📍 Italy
Via della Conciliazione is a grand boulevard that connects St. Peter's Square to the Tiber River in Rome, Italy. It was commissioned by Pope Pius XI in order to represent the reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Italian state. It is lined with grand palazzos, obelisks and sculptures, some dating from the 16th century. The boulevard features statues of Christian martyrs and contemplative figures by renowned Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica, as well as several other works. Its architecture is of a typically Baroque style with curved, pillared buildings creating a dramatic perspective. The road is flanked on both sides by two fountains, the Fountain of St. Peter in the center, with two obelisks and twin spouting shells as centerpiece, and two other sculptures on either side. There are also two elegant bell towers with twin statues in honor of St. Peter and St. Paul, designed by Alessandro Galilei. Visitors to the boulevard are sure to be enchanted by its formal gardens, chiaroscuro lighting, and architectural marvels.

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