Veere Fort

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Veere Fort - Desde Beach, Netherlands
Veere Fort - Desde Beach, Netherlands
Veere Fort
📍 Desde Beach, Netherlands
Veere Fort, also known as the Galgewater Fort, is located in the harbor city of Veere, Netherlands. The fort is one of the few surviving examples of the fortifications built by the Dutch Republic to defend its ports against Spanish attack. Today, the fort stands as a relic of Dutch maritime history and offers visitors stunning views of the Veersemeer lake and the Veerse Poort harbor. Despite the age of the fort, it is still in good condition, with its main gate still in functional condition. Inside the walls, visitors can explore the ruins of the former military buildings, and admiring the stone merlons, bastions and bastion towers. There are also several art galleries located inside the fort walls that are open to visitors. With its beautiful gardens and scenic views, Veere Fort is a great place to explore, and to discover the history of Veere and its harbor.

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