Uppark House and Garden

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Uppark House and Garden - Desde Courtyard, United Kingdom
Uppark House and Garden - Desde Courtyard, United Kingdom
@anniespratt - Unsplash
Uppark House and Garden
📍 Desde Courtyard, United Kingdom
Uppark House and Garden, in West Sussex, England, is a stunning country house and estate managed by the National Trust. Built in the late 17th century, Uppark is a majestic yet inviting mansion set amongst landscaped gardens and wild parkland. Step back in time and explore its grandly decorated interiors, complete with exquisite furnishings, fine artwork, and grand architecture.

See Uppark's 18th century walled garden, the focal point of the estate, where a wonderful selection of trees, vines, and shrubs have been planted, providing vibrant colour throughout the seasons. Explore the delightful grassy walkways and woodland trails offering pleasant views of the surrounding countryside. Enjoy a tranquil picnic in Uppark's original 1760s parkland or take a pleasant stroll along the 'Water Walk', an avenue of sycamore trees and sweeping lawns leading down to the lake. Experience the illuminated gardens in the evening, where the Georgian facade and artistically-placed trees add a romantic atmosphere to the estate. Be sure to spend a few hours admiring the unique collection of taxidermy, furniture, and paintings in the grand house, and don't forget to visit the charming stable block. Uppark permeates with a beautiful sense of history, ideal for a relaxing and tranquil day out.

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