Universidade de Vigo

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Universidade de Vigo - Spain
Universidade de Vigo - Spain
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Universidade de Vigo
📍 Spain
Universidade de Vigo, located in the vibrant city of Vigo, Spain, is one of the country's leading higher education institutions. It is spread across six campuses in Vigo, three in Pontevedra, and one in Ourense, totalling an area of more than 100 hectares. The university includes 32 faculties and schools, offering courses in a variety of fields such as law, communication, economics, business management, engineering, humanities, life sciences, and health sciences. The university also carries out numerous research activities and hosts a wide range of social and cultural events. With such a significant presence in the city, the university is a major contributing force towards Galicia's economy and its cultural heritage. The university's library boasts more than 780,000 volumes, journals, and electronic resources. The campus offers an array of services such as sports facilities, student cafés, and its own radio station, Zamora FM. Universidade de Vigo is the perfect destination for anyone looking for an inspiring educational experience.

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