Twin Rocks

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Twin Rocks - Desde Beach, United States
Twin Rocks - Desde Beach, United States
@masha_shubin - Unsplash
Twin Rocks
📍 Desde Beach, United States
Twin Rocks is an iconic sight in the US state of Oregon's Rockaway Beach. This 700-meter outcrop of ancient sandstone towers above the crashing Pacific Ocean and forms two giant stacks just off the shore. It is a great spot to watch the sunset, or catch some spectacular waves. The iconic landmark offers a unique view, providing excellent opportunities for bird watching, whale watching, beachcombing, and exploring inter-tidal zones. Some of the most popular activities here include birding, photography, kite flying, Kayaking, Surfing and jogging on the beach. There are also lots of conveniently located cafes, restaurants, and stores for visitors. The area has toilets and disability access. It's a great location for a picnic and perfect for those who appreciate stunning beauty.

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