Turner Falls

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Turner Falls - United States
Turner Falls - United States
@jontrinh - Unsplash
Turner Falls
📍 United States
Turner Falls, located in Davis, Oklahoma, United States, is a spectacular 77-foot waterfall. It is the highest on the southern plains and is a popular spot for swimming, camping, sightseeing, and canoeing. It is situated on the edge of the Arbuckle Mountains near the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and is open year-round. The park includes a campground and offers plenty of activities other than just swimming and sightseeing, such as fishing spots, scenic hikes, and plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife. For photographers, Turner Falls offers outstanding views of the falls and its surrounding greenery. Most of the area is open and easily accessible, with some areas requiring a bit of effort to fully appreciate its beauty. Photography wise, there are many opportunities to capture the beauty of the falls and its surrounding nature.

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