Trafalgar Square

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Trafalgar Square - United Kingdom
Trafalgar Square - United Kingdom
@franz95 - Unsplash
Trafalgar Square
📍 United Kingdom
Trafalgar Square is one of London's most iconic and historic public spaces. In the centre of the square stands Nelson's Column, a monument dedicated to Admiral Horatio Nelson, who defeated the French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Around the column, four large bronze lions were added in 1867. The size of the square means there is plenty of space for visitors to explore the narrow network of streets in the area. Surrounding the square are some of London's most iconic monuments, such as the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church. Trafalgar Square also houses the Queen's Chapel and Banqueting House, which were built in 1619. The square is used for many annual events such as the New Year's Street Party and the Trooping the Colour. Trafalgar Square is an ideal spot for both visitors and residents of London to soak up the city's history, architecture and culture.

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