Thirumullavaram Beach

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Thirumullavaram Beach - India
Thirumullavaram Beach - India
Thirumullavaram Beach
📍 India
Thirumullavaram Beach, in the Indian state of Kollam, is an exceptionally beautiful beach that is blessed with white sand and compassionate waters. Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, it boasts picturesque views that showcase the charming landscape of luxury resorts, swaying palm fronds, and shore birds in flight. It's also home to a centuries-old temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which is a popular spot for pilgrims from around the world. With its natural beauty and religious heritage, the beach has become a popular destination for travelers and photographers alike. Its serene atmosphere and mild temperatures make it a perfect spot for a peaceful moment of reflection or to capture stunning memories in photographs. Enjoy your time here exploring the beach and the nearby areas, and make sure to bring the sunscreen and a hat.

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