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The Sentinel - Desde Chapman's Peak, South Africa
The Sentinel - Desde Chapman's Peak, South Africa
@electerious - Unsplash
The Sentinel
📍 Desde Chapman's Peak, South Africa
The Sentinel and Chapman's Peak is two captivating sites located on the western coast of Cape Town, South Africa. The Sentinel is a massive mountain standing 790 meters tall and dominating the landscape with its huge granite rock formation. From the main peak, hikers can take in stunning views of the nearby mountains and distant ocean, while the expansive Table Mountain National Park can be seen in the south. Chapman's Peak Drive is a scenic 9 km drive that takes travelers along the Atlantic Coast. With dramatic cliffs, a deep ocean and the craggy contours of the peak itself, the drive is stunning for photography enthusiasts. The road passes through some magnificent canyons, rock bridges and viewpoint lookouts from which spectacular panoramas can be admired.

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