The Round Tower

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The Round Tower - Desde Inside, Denmark
The Round Tower - Desde Inside, Denmark
@kelvyn - Unsplash
The Round Tower
📍 Desde Inside, Denmark
The Round Tower is situated in the heart of København, Denmark's capital city. Located in the Latin Quarter of the city, it stands tall as a remnant of the old city walls. Built in 1642, the tower is a key landmark and popular attraction for visitors who come to explore the city's rich cultural history. At the top of the tower stands Rundetårn, which offers visitors expansive views of København and beyond. Inside the tower, a spiral ramp reveals the Tower museum, which contains a permanent exhibition by Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe and an observation platform at the very top. The Round Tower is also open to photographers, with plenty of places to take unique and interesting photos of the city. Whether you're a budding photographer or simply exploring the city, the Round Tower is a must-visit attraction in København.

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