The Narrows

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The Narrows - Desde Bottom Up Trail, United States
The Narrows - Desde Bottom Up Trail, United States
@francesgunn - Unsplash
The Narrows
📍 Desde Bottom Up Trail, United States
The Narrows and Bottom Up Trail are two of the most popular hiking trails in Springdale, United States. Located in the Virgin River Valley at the eastern entrance of Zion National Park, they offer a unique combination of the lush beauty of Virgin River and the dramatic beauty of Zion Canyon.

The Narrows is mostly a river hike, as much of the trail is in the water and you often need to wade and swim through the river. While it is an amazing and exhilarating experience to hike in the river and be surrounded by canyon walls, it is advised to bring a good pair of trekking poles to avoid slipping in the slippery river bed. Bottom Up Trail is much more tranquil, but just as interesting. The trail starts at the canyon's bottom and gradually rises along the North Fork of the Virgin River. The hiking experience is enriched by huge standing rocks and striking wildflowers scattered across the canyon, as well as incredible views of the soaring canyon walls above. The trail is much more manageable, as you don’t need to get wet, and can be hiked in short, comfortable bursts. Both trails offer an exceptional outdoor experience for all travelers and photographers who love the beauty of unadulterated nature. The trails however can be dangerous, so all visitors should be aware of the hazards.

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