The Grotto

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The Grotto - Desde Bruce Trail, Canada
The Grotto - Desde Bruce Trail, Canada
@wflwong - Unsplash
The Grotto
📍 Desde Bruce Trail, Canada
The island of Martinique is a paradise in the Caribbean. Located just north of St. Lucia, Martinique offers a wealth of incredible sights, activities and culture. From the idyllic beaches and colorful reefs, to its remarkable colonial past, to its enchanting rainforest, Martinique has much to offer the traveler.

The white sands and crystal clear waters of Martinique’s beaches are some of the world's most spectacular. Grand Anse, Anse Turin, Anse a l'Ane, Anse Mitan, and Tartane are all great places to take a dip and cool off in the refreshing waters. Or, you could dive and snorkel along the pristine coral reefs around the island and explore the vibrant marine life. Martinique is rich in culture and history. Its charming bustling cities offer a unique blend of French and Caribbean culture, from the vibrant street festivals to stunning Roman Catholic churches, such as the Cathédrale Saint-Louis. The island also has numerous forts and forts, as well as colorful warehouses, such as Bibliothèques Gaston Monnerville or the Centre historique. The natural beauty of Martinique is spectacular. The rainforest in the north of the island, which covers over two thirds of the land, is home to a vast array of plants and animals, and the lush wilds of the Rivière Capot River offer great kayak and hiking opportunities. And the highest mountain in the Caribbean, Mount Pelée, stands majestically in the north of the island and is a great place for excursions. There's something for everyone in Martinique. Come experience the beauty, culture and history of this gorgeous island!

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