The Gherkin

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The Gherkin - Desde Billiter St, United Kingdom
The Gherkin - Desde Billiter St, United Kingdom
@clever_visuals - Unsplash
The Gherkin
📍 Desde Billiter St, United Kingdom
The Gherkin and Billiter St in Greater London, United Kingdom are two well-known landmarks that are popular among visitors. The Gherkin is a quirky 180m tall glass office tower that stands prominently in the City of London’s financial district. The Gherkin’s distinctive design and green glass exterior make it one of the most photographed buildings in London. Nearby Billiter Street is a historic street located in the heart of the city and lined with beautiful buildings, both old and new. This area is full of hidden gems, including a unique pedestrian tunnel that connects the road to the Tower Of London, a quaint alley way full of restaurants, and nearby St. Mary Axe, an iconic building with a unique history. This is an area of London that should be explored and appreciated for its history, culture, and architecture.

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