The Breakwater

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The Breakwater - Canada
The Breakwater - Canada
@william_bossen - Unsplash
The Breakwater
📍 Canada
The Breakwater, located in Victoria, Canada, is a stunning spot to take in the beauty of the city by boat. The Breakwater offers spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains to the north, and the Haro Strait and San Juan Islands to the south. Visitors can spot migrating whales and are even able to get a glimpse of sea lions and porpoises swimming along with them. Boaters can dock at public docks that line the Breakwater, allowing them access to the shops, restaurants, and businesses of the nearby Inner Harbour. There are also kayak and paddleboard rental opportunities, allowing visitors to explore the stunning coastline at their own pace. A stunning sunset stroll is a must for any visitor of the Breakwater.

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