The Baresford Building

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The Baresford Building - United Kingdom
The Baresford Building - United Kingdom
@philreid - Unsplash
The Baresford Building
📍 United Kingdom
The Baresford Building is an impressive office building in Glasgow City, United Kingdom. It was built in 1930 by the renowned architect Sir JJ Burnet, and later renovated. This building stands tall and proud, featuring Greco-Roman revivalist architecture, with grand columns, open arcades and carved stone decorations. Inside, there is a rotunda on the first level, accessible through a charming red door. On the exterior, you can admire the beautiful, intricate stonework, including embellished quoins, cornices and balconies, as well as a central pediment. This building is especially popular among photographers and a must-visit destination if you are in town.

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