The Albert Memorial

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The Albert Memorial - United Kingdom
The Albert Memorial - United Kingdom
@christianlue - Unsplash
The Albert Memorial
📍 United Kingdom
The Albert Memorial, in Greater London, United Kingdom is an iconic memorial unveiled in 1876 to honour Albert, the beloved consort of Queen Victoria. It has been described as an “architectural jigsaw puzzle” – a unique combination of Gothic Revival and Revivalism styles, a magnificent monument to commemorate the life and work of the prince consort. The structure stands at a height of 40 metres and is composed of semi-precious stones, mosaics, and sculptures, with a gilded figure of Albert at its centre. The Albert Memorial’s four terraces and sixteen Corinthian columns are surrounded by lush gardens, offering a great spot for a peaceful stroll. The Monument also houses sculptural and decorative details, containing multiple references to music, science and industry, with some of the grandest and most elaborate decorative details in London. For an unparalleled view of the Memorial, take a trip to the nearby Royal Park, or take a circular route around the lake and experience the breathtakingly grandiose structure in all its glory.

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