Telefonzelle in Horb

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Telefonzelle in Horb - Germany
Telefonzelle in Horb - Germany
Telefonzelle in Horb
📍 Germany
Horb am Neckar is a town situated in the Baden-Württemberg region of Southwestern Germany. The town is famous for the vibrant colored Telephone Booth on the outskirts of the historic center. This iconic German telephone booth, referred to as the Telefonzelle, is one of the main attractions in the city. Located in a forest clearing, the beautifully painted Telephone Booth is a popular destination for visitors and visitors alike. The structure is also often used for weddings and other special occasions. The historic buildings of Horb’s old town are also worth visiting. You can find a wealth of 18th century homes and church buildings that still bear the gothic style of architecture from the time they were constructed. Visitors can also explore the ruins of the old city walls and learn more about the town’s history.

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