Svetli Sava

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Svetli Sava - Desde Svetli Sava trg, Serbia
Svetli Sava - Desde Svetli Sava trg, Serbia
Svetli Sava
📍 Desde Svetli Sava trg, Serbia
Svetli Sava is a temple located in Beograd, Serbia. It is dedicated to Saint Sava and is the largest Orthodox temple in the world. It is a place of gathering for the Serbs and considered to be their main temple. The temple itself is very grand and breathtaking to look at. It has 6 gilded domes with crosses, 4 minarets, and large stained glass windows which let in a lot of light. Inside it is decorated with paintings and mosaics depicting important figures in Orthodox Christianity. The atmosphere inside is intimate and calming and is the perfect place for peaceful meditation. The temple has two levels, the upper being reserved for the public and the lower for church dignitaries. Outside the temple grounds there are a few classic buildings that can be explored, as well as a number of monuments devoted to World War I and II. It is also a popular venue for political speeches and concerts. Visiting Svetli Sava should be a recommended activity to anyone visiting Beograd.

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