Summit Train Tunnel

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Summit Train Tunnel - United States
Summit Train Tunnel - United States
Summit Train Tunnel
📍 United States
The Summit Train Tunnel in Truckee, United States is an iconic landmark in the region. The tunnel was built in the late 19th century to accommodate steam locomotives on the first railway line leading to the Sierras. This tunnel is one of the longest and oldest in the state of California, and has served as a popular spot for photographers, filmmakers, and history buffs over the years. The tunnel's naturally created ambient light and its silence are the perfect ingredients for a great photo opportunity. This spot is also a popular attraction for train enthusiasts, as it provides a unique experience of seeing a steam locomotive up close. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the tunnels first-hand, as the tracks remain in use by freight trains. Photographers should note that using a flash while inside the tunnel is not recommended, as this will affect the natural light.

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